Write for us

We’re frequently looking for new writers to publish fresh content on the blog.
If you have a decent level in writing, and know a minimum in cybersecurity (and particularly in MD5), you can probably help us to do this.

It’s a good way to earn some money on your free time.

How it works?

You can send your application with a short description on who you are, your experience (technical or in writing), and a short draft of something you have made just for us.

To contact us, please use the contact form on the website.
If you are OK with your application, we’ll send you a first email with:

  • A training video on how to write blog posts for us (very different from what you may know)
  • A list of 3-5 blog posts ideas where you can choose from
  • A few ideas you can dig in your article (like outlines or hints for your researches)
  • The number of words to write in this post (approximately)
  • And a price offer for this work (yes, we’ll pay you to write!)
    The price on the first trial will be about 50% of what you can expect in the next posts you’ll write for us.

You can choose to not continue at this point, or send us your article once completed.

As soon as we have your first blog post, we’ll read it, maybe ask you a few revisions, and decide what we can do with you.
If it’s ok for us, we’ll send you another email, with the same information.
If we are not satisfied, we’ll pay you and your work for us stop here.