Search modes

Decryption modes

MD5Online offers two decryption modes:
 - Quick search (free under a daily limit)
 - In-depth search (cost: 1 credit)

This page explains each mode, and their differences

Quick search

The quick search is free of charge until 100 hashes per day.
The search will only be done in our dictionaries.
So common words and most-used passwords will be found with this search mode.
But there is a much less probability to decrypt hashes with random or special characters.

The success rate with this method is generally around 12%
This is decent for a free tool, but you can expect much more with the other decrypt mode.

In-depth search

For more hashes or a better chance to decrypt them, we recommend the in-depth search.
With this method, you have access to all the ressources of MD5Online.

In addition to the dictionaries from the free method, we'll use other tools to help you to decrypt your hashes.
We can't reveal exactly how it works, but you have access to more dictionaries, a giant database, external sources and a brute-force architecture.
The success rate with this option is over 51%

Moreover, we will constantly try to decrypt the hashes we didn't find on the first try.
You'll receive an email each time we decrypt a new one.
Our goal is really to help you to decrypt the most we can.

Last but not least, this method can be use with your API, so you can automate the process on your side to save time with this.

The In-depth search costs 1 credit per hash. You can recharge your account by clicking on "Buy credits" at the top right of your screen.

Comparison table

Quick search In-depth search
Success rate Around 12% last month Around 51% last month
Methods Dictionaries Dictionaries
External sources
Daily limits 100 hashes per 24h Unlimited
Constant search One-time try One try on first submit
Automatic regular attempts
API access No Yes